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Polaris RZR Fuel Tank Armor
Mfg by Thunderhawk Performance
Part #: PQ2178

Take a look under your RZR or RZR-S and you'll see that the rear half of the fuel tank is totally unprotected! It only takes one rock or stick to damage the fuel tank, which can leave you stranded. To make things even worse, you'll end up paying over $400.00 for a new fuel tank once you get home.

When Thunderhawk Performance developed our RZR Fuel Tank Armor in late 2007, we didn't cut corners. The actual design of the Thunderhawk RZR Fuel Tank Armor, the materials and the mounting methods were all chosen for maximum protection, strength and durability. This proven design provides the best protection available.

The Thunderhawk Performance RZR Fuel Tank Armor is a full-height design. The top portion of this skid plate stops rocks and mud from entering and becoming lodged between the skid plate and the fuel tank, which can lead to abrasion damage and fuel tank punctures. This extended top portion also functions as an exhaust heat shield. Thunderhawk designed the RZR Fuel Tank Armor to provide maximum clearance between the skid plate and fuel tank while also providing maximum clearance with the rear tire and also matching the RZR's body lines for appearance. By providing a large air-gap between the skid plate and the fuel tank, any rocks that do manage to enter are able to fall to the bottom where they should not do any damage. This design also makes clean-out much easier after a muddy ride.

Thunderhawk Performance selected 1/8" thick aircraft grade aluminum for their RZR Fuel Tank Armor. This is regular skid plate material, not thin gauge aluminum, so it will not bend easily should you find yourself high-centered, with the RZR's weight supported by the skid plate. The lower portion of this skid plate is mounted to the frame using a steel bracket. This steel bracket provides superior strength by supporting the aluminum skid plate and distributing the load evenly to the frame. The upper portion of this skid plate attaches to the vertical frame tube using multiple screws. Although many customers may choose to use only one or two screws, Thunderhawk provides the option of installing up to five screws. It is most common to install four screws, which takes only a few extra minutes during installation but significantly increases the mounting strength.

This item is designed to fit with the stock Polaris skid plates as well as most aftermarket skid plates. However, this item does not fit with Polaris Rock-Slider nerf bars. Due to the popularity of the rock-slider bars, and multiple customer requests, Thunderhawk Performance will be releasing a modified version of this product (part number PQ2185) for use with the rock-slider nerf bars.

The Thunderhawk Performance RZR Fuel Tank Armor installs easily in about 25 minutes. This is a complete kit including the skid plate, mounting bracket, all necessary hardware and illustrated instructions. Made in USA.

Polaris Ranger RZR & RZR-S, 2008 & Newer

  • Heavy-duty 1/8" aircraft-grade aluminum skid plate
  • Formed and TIG welded for strength
  • Protects fuel tank bottom where skid plates leave the tank exposed
  • Protects back-side of fuel tank from damage due to rocks thrown by rear tire
  • Functions as a heat shield for plastic cabin wall and seat
  • Easy to install
  • Recommended for all RZR's
  • Complete kit includes mounting bracket, hardware and illustrated instructions
  • Made in USA

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